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Introducing The Trailer Wash Buddy: Revolutionizing Truck Washing

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Efficiency Redefined

Embrace the Future of Fleet Washing with Trailer Wash Buddy's Patented Automated Modular Brush System.

The First Patented, Automated & Modular Trailer Wash Brush

Trailer Wash Buddy


Wash Trucks in Half the Time.


Automated Cleans Increase Volume.


Reduce Material & Labor Costs.


Breaks Down for Easy Transportation.

Innovation Meets Efficiency

We specialize in offering cutting-edge, state-of-the-art mobile truck and fleet washing machines designed to revolutionize and simplify the process of cleaning commercial semi-trucks

Innovative Solutions for

Truck Cleaning Excellence.

Our advanced technology ensures not only a faster and more efficient cleaning experience but also saves on material cost, while reducing strain on the labor force and increasing profit for the business.


Innovative Excellence: Pioneering the Future of Truck Washing

Unmatched Mobile Truck and Fleet Washing.

Experience the future of truck washing with our groundbreaking solutions – a game-changer for businesses seeking optimal performance and unparalleled


Would You Put Your Brand on This Truck?


How About Now?

Let's Start Today!

Embrace Patent-Backed Excellence:
Revolutionize Your Truck Washing Process

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