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About Us

We're pleased to introduce to you the Trailer Wash Buddy, where innovation meets efficiency in the world of industrial trailer washing. We specialize in offering cutting-edge, state-of-the-art mobile trailer and fleet washing machines designed to revolutionize and simplify the process of cleaning commercial semi-trucks. Our advanced technology ensures not only a faster and more efficient cleaning experience but also sets new standards for excellence in industrial-grade equipment. Experience the future of trailer washing with our groundbreaking solutions – a game-changer for businesses seeking optimal performance and unparalleled results. Discover the power of innovation at Trailer Wash Buddy.



The Trailer Wash Buddy

The Trailer Wash Buddy is the first patented, modular, and automated brush for the truck washing industry. The Trailer Wash Buddy functions in essence as a giant electric toothbrush, to agitate debris and dirt off the surface of commercial vehicles. It serves as an additional “Buddy” with the objective of reducing the workload and expediting the workflow process. Trucks can be cleaned efficiently and consistently every time with less manual input from the crew.

Large semi trailer. being washed by the TWB which looks like a tall thin brush sitting on top of a motor on wheels


The Problem

The Truck Washing Industry is an antiquated $15 Billion Dollar industry that still mainly relies on manual brushing. An industry plagued with high turnover due to the physical constraints that manual brushing imposes on the truck washing workforce. Manually brushing trucks  compromises wash quality &  limits operational capacity, resulting in lost revenue and unsatisfied clients. 

man hand washing a tall semi-trailer. the trailer is soapy and the man is stretching with a very tall brush to get the top of the trailer.


Our Solution

Generated image of the TWB being put into a van to demonstrate how portable and modular it is.

The Trailer Wash Buddy, the first patented, automated & modular trailer wash brush.

Simply assemble the Trailer Wash Buddy by snapping the pieces together, press start and push. The Trailer Wash Buddy is designed to vibrate bristles along the surface of the truck- eliminating the manual component of this laborious work process.  Once the work is complete, simply disassemble & place the product back into your work van. Its easy assembly & user-friendly design makes the TWB a perfect fit for truck washing operations.

The TWB washing a semi trailer, the back half is dirty because it hasnt been washed yet but the front two thirds of the trailer are perfectly clean. a man is operating the TWB and another man is simply hosing the truck down.
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